About Erral & Jenna

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We are excited about telling our amazing, true story – a true story of two people who survived the toughest of times.

Believe it or not, we actually met at primary school.  After graduating from University, we both enjoyed successful careers.  Life was great.  Then the global financial crisis turned our world upside down.  Most of our assets disappeared.  We seemed doomed to a future of struggle, both financially and emotionally.  This stressful situation contributed to the diagnosis of the “BIG C” for both of us. Comforted and encouraged by family and each other over a long period of time, eventually we emerged from the gloom. 

Our world began to change in many different ways.  Various practitioners opened our eyes to alternative approaches to healing and wellness.  Negative thoughts turned into positive affirmations.  Hope, a new beginning and improved health followed.  Life sparkled again.  We stopped blaming ourselves and others for all our troubles, and stepped out into a newer, friendlier world where the sun shone brightly.  A clearer vision unfolded.  Prosperity returned. 

As we write this, life is full and rewarding.  Grief, despair, regrets and a sense of loss associated with our past are no longer uppermost in our minds. We are grateful for each new day.  We nourish a positive attitude, and a passion to pay forward to others what we have learned.

One important consequence of emerging from darkness is that now we can use Success Jennarator to help other people.  We can share the joy of life we now know and lead others toward a successful and fulfilling life, too.


How can our experiences benefit you?

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